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Ubuntu Mate - Slow download speed (Max 750 kB/s)

Downloading Files from my Onedrive account and it’s very slow!! :cry:

Storage is a NVMe 2TB.

Usually i would have download speed of about 150+ Mb/s on other distros/ W10.

What do i need to configure? is it the txqueuelen (in ifconfig)? If it is how do i do it, as instructions i found, did not work.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hows your speed to other sites, i mean with Covid going on things are slow. Is this the same on other devices accessing one drive?

Sorry my screenshots weren’t loaded in the post. My download speeds have been great in Fedora 31, Ubuntu 19.10 & 20.04, W10 but since going back to Ubuntu Mate 19.10, this is the issue I’ve seen.

Answering this :arrow_up: question would tell us a lot. Its possible its a Microsoft thing, I know Teams in particular has been getting hammered lately.

Do a speed test to a server close-ish to you maybe…

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Reading as normal but this does not test the computer downloading files from online. Will do a test to Google cloud and see what it reveals.


Downloading from Google is even worse!!

MIght have a bottleneck to certain data centers from your ISP you might be able to VPN to get around the limit. Guessing COVID related issue.

I’ve been having issues with a lot of these cloud storage providers since everyone’s been transitioning to wfh. I suspect they’re seeing a ton more load across the board and the data centers simply don’t have the bandwidth to handle it.

Doesn’t matter what ISP I try, the cap is pretty similar.

I’ve tried a linode data center in atl, LA, Dallas and Seattle, as well as my home isp in San Diego.

Well you can simply do a download test.
Go to a site from a linux distro like linux mint.
Then download linux mint iso, from a sever that is near you.
And see what kind of speeds you get.

The go to another linux distro site like open suse.
And start downloading an image as well.
And see what speeds you see again.
If in both cases you get normal download speeds,
then the issue is likely with the said cloud service you want to download from.

This is generally the way i do a proper speedtest,
by actually downloading a big iso file like a linux distro image.

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Why didn’t i think of that. Thank you