Ubuntu mainline build script

Hi everyone,

I’ve stumbled across Wendell’s videos a while ago in search for a gaming VM, this led me to this forum where I found instructions on how to set it up. (Many thanks!)

One of the issues I’ve had with my GTX1070 is that it got stuck each time the VM was stopped.
This was solved using a patch for the PCI bus, but that meant I needed to build a custom kernel image each time a new version gets released.
While this is not really complicated, it’s time consuming to do manually.

I’ve made a little script for Ubuntu users that are in the same situation.
It automates downloading, patching and building the kernel. You just need to specify the version and optional patches you might need.

You can find it here on github here- https://github.com/fpoussin/ubuntu-mainline-build

Hope that helps.


Welcome to the Forum. It is nice to see a new person starting with posting such a helpful project.

Also, I added the Github link to your post for you.