Ubuntu GNOME 16.04 Yellow Screen

So I had seen the video wendal had posted on GNOME and I wanted to install it. Turned of Secure Boot and attempted the install. Once the GRUB menu had opened and gave me my options I had selected Install Ubuntu GNOME and pressed enter, a few mins later and my screens went yellow and wont change. Any ideas on why this is happening?


Going to need a bit more information. What components are you installing this on? Is this a clean install or are you installing the DE on an existing OS?

Specs as follows

i7 6700k
2TB Barracuda
500GB Pipeline(for linux)
MSI z170 krait

Its a clean install on a spare hard drive i had lying about. I had disabled secure boot and tried the install and it went yellow, tried it with secure boot on and everything went black. No idea what is happening. I had all windows drives unplugged when attempting the install

What is the setting for the SATA ports on your motherboard? AHCI? IDE? If they're set to AHCI try IDE. This is what i most often see playing hell with OS installs. Make sure to note what it currently is set to because attempting to boot your regular OS without changing it back could bork itself.

If you have a graphics card, try unplugging it and plugging it back in again, from the motherboard and PCI power cables. Video cables too. Could be a connection problem. Try with integrated graphics too just to rule some stuff out.

Well after a few failed attemptes i managed to get it to work, as of now I have no idea why its now working. I was attempting to install 16.04 i have installed this before on my current setup. But anyways i wiped my flash drive and created a 14.04 install and hey presto it worked. took a long time to boot up but its working, once i got it installed i had network issues. but luckily i had a TP-link nic sitting about from my temp pfsense build(need a gpu for the system). Plugged that sucker in and got connected then started on getting everything updated.

Thanks for the help guys. Much love