Ubuntu frozen at install

I am attempting to install ubuntu 12.04.1 from a Corsair Survivor 3.0 using UNetbootin. Whenever I attempt to install it, the mouse will not move for roughly a minute and once it does I am stuck in the language selection screen without the ability to click on anything. My motherboard is an Asus P8P67-PRO B2. I have tried both USB3 and 2. This is my first attempt with linux and any help would be greatly appreciated.

download the alternitive installer and try that aproch. i would also recomend installing updates at the same time. when i instaled ubuntu on my TF201 it was looping the install until i did the updates with it.  and your asus mb should be fine to install via usb 3.0 but i would try to install via disk some times the drivers for usb is just wrong. so in conclution try to install the normal installation via cd then try to install the alternitve (server) install also via cd (ps im not sp checking this sry)

thanks ill gigve that a shot

I rarely had good luck with UNetbootin ... I eventually just gave in and burned an ISO


Are you pulling the iso or letting Unetbootin? Try grabbing the iso yourself and having it build off that.