Ubuntu Enterprise Support Experience/Reviews

I sense there’s a fair amount of enterprise admins around here. I’m hoping to find some impressions of experience with Canonical’s enterprise support. They call it “Ubuntu Advantage”. I work at a shop that is historically Red Hat and I have lots of experience with their support. But we’re starting to deploy Ubuntu thanks to its fresher packages and wider adoption in the container sphere. I’m working on buying support for these deployments but nobody I work with has ever used Ubuntu support so nobody knows how good or bad it is. I’m being asked to provide my thoughts on it and there’s not much I can say having never used it or heard any one else talk about it. I can tell you their public documentation isn’t nearly as good (IMO) as Red Hat. But I have no idea what it is like behind the paywall. And that’s all I’ve got.

So can anyone share their experience with Canonical support? Good? Bad? Slow? Quick?