Ubuntu doesn't show any screen activity(using a 980ti, works with 680)(RESOLVED)

Hi, I recently bought a 980ti. Yesterday I decided that I had enough of windows and wanted to switch back to Ubuntu, so I made a boot able USB device with ubuntu 15.04. That's when I started to encounter issues, I was able to install the OS without any hassle, but when I rebooted after the installation was completed it wouldn't display anything to my monitor.. So I started to dig through computer parts for another GPU and put my 680 to use to check if that was the problem and it was. Everything works fine using my 680, but I really want to get this to work with my 980ti as I recently bought it. I've read up on a couple of forums without much help. Only thing I know is that it's supposed to work! I would be grateful if someone could help me solve this issue :)!

I just fixed it, the recommended proprieritary drivers weren't used.