Ubuntu and chrome's password sync

hey guys
so i’ve installed ubuntu, having moved away from pop_os, due to stability issues when it comes to my work.

i’ve installed chrome but my passwords won’t sync. what are the solutions to it?

Hi guys, I guess this sync issue has. Ever been resolved? Thanks

Log into google account?

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I really think you should be using other password managers vs browser’s own built in mechanism. Its more secure that way. Got try KeePassXC (if you want your password database securely offline) or Bitwarden for secure online sync. Both are open source software for your paranoia.

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The browser plugin for this might be easier to migrate than keepass, and can sync to ones phone too?

I do both these days, browser sync and keepassXC. Depending on what it is I decide on if I allow the browser to remember or not. That way you can have convenience for most things and security where it’s really necessary.

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You have to use a manual sync tool like syncthing if you want KeePass password database on your phone. At my phone its using a KeePassDX to open the database. I like to manually copy paste the password to the site itself.

All in all Bitwarden is more sane in that regard. I do this for my SO.

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I suspect Apple intentionally cripple the copy paste on it’s idevices, and I gave up on it.

Wait what? No copy paste passwords on Apple? or just broken? Could you elaborate please?

How is it more secure than what chrome is doing?

It does exist, but it is awkward, and often screen / browser / app mis-interprets presses

seperate state and religion?

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Good point I dont know how chrome implements their password storage. I just like things separated just in case if chrome had problems with one their side (like if a page masquerades the real site) you wont have autofill issues that would potentially compromise you.

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If a page masquerades, then its not really chromes fault right? Any password manager that fills data would do the same thing.

AFAIK chromes passwords are encrypted, and you can protect it further on linux by adding it to keyring. The password suggestion tool is a god send for normies as it automatically generates a very secure password and saves the creds… so I have a hard time understanding what makes it less secure.

I dont want to crap on others suggestions of using a password manager for credentials. Theres a lot of reasons to not like chrome or to not want to sign into it with a google account for syncing. Security isnt one of them IMO.

I use bitwarden along side the google one because it works better than anything else for chrome. :man_shrugging:

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Hence me using KeePassXC where i could do autotype or copy paste rather than permissively allowing my browser to autofill in for me. Im for KeePassXC because i have control over my password fill.

Using any password manager is better than no manager, in my opinion.
One that can suggest decent new passes, even better!

I have nothing against Chrome manager, and I’m sure it’d be great as long as OP uses Chrome, but is tied to just chrome/chromium?

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I just do my due diligence to pay attention to the URL… :man_shrugging: maybe not as fool proof.

Yeah, you are basically playing only in the google ecosystem at that point. You can export to CSV though.

I dont think Chrome is doing shenanigans in its password manager, so its likely secure. I just dont like the browser autofilling it for me. Same with Firefox Sync.

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I also hadn’t considered the integration to gmail and android, which may offer a flowing ecosystem?