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Ubuntu 20.04 and Chromium

Hey guys. I’ve come to one of the few places I trust, even if I am a lurker that doesn’t contribute as much as I should.

I am working with an ERP whose web interface only plays nice with Chromium based browsers, and certain features and plugins only work with older browser versions. In my case we were using Chromium 80 on Ubuntu 18.04 and have now been told to move over to 20.04 because “new must mean better”.

Problem I’m facing is installing Chromium 80 isn’t working for me. Trying to run apt and install the specific version, 80.0.3987.163-0ubuntu1 for anyone interested, causes snap to run that grabs version 94. My question is where can I find instructions, hopefully with an explanation so I can learn what the hell is going on, to install Chromium 80?