Ubuntu 18.04 -- updated from 14.04

Used the built-in upgrade stuff to go from 14.04 to 16.04 to 18.04…

Now there are a ton of loop devices… why??


They are snaps from the looks of it. Application containers in Ubuntu.

Yeah, modern ubuntu has a ri-goddamn-diculous number of mountpoints. Every snap you install has its own mount, and it comes with a bunch by default. I’m now up to 63 mounts, which renders the “mount” command useless for seeing real devices.

I didn’t install snaps… Or configure anything. Must be default behavior

Ubuntu comes with a bunch of snaps by default, for gnome, gnome-calculator, gnomelogs, and a couple others. Run “snap list” to see them.

I just checked, I have 25 (!) snap mountpoints, 9 tmpfps, and 14 cgroup. All completely meaningless to admin my machine.