Ubuntu 17.10 lenovo brick

I have a lenovo z50 70 laptop with a broken bios.what should i do?
wait for canonical or just dump it?

its my best pc

I was playing cup head on it.I got annoyed due to the games difficulty .I moved it from windows 10 to ubuntu mate 17.10
now my laptop bios is broken.any ideas?

When you turn the computer on, what do you see… if anything?

Maybe its a problem with GRUB and not BIOS.

The BIOS should not be the issue…Maybe you mean it has a bootloader issue?

If the BIOS has issues then it has nothing to do with the OS.

I cant nuke and pave the laptop because it will not let me use usb or cd to install.the bios will not allow me to choose the boot device

This is a known issue, but has been solved in the meantime. Some people have managed to repair the BIOS: https://askubuntu.com/questions/984043/unable-to-make-changes-in-bios-after-17-10-installation?answertab=votes#tab-top


thanks i will give it a go.lovely people on level 1

You are not telling enough information. Can you boot into the machine and you just cannot change the BIOS options? You get a black screen and cannot boot? What is exactly happening?

going to try what pFtpr suggested.will report back

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I don’t get how moving a file from one OS to another OS destroys the BIOS.

There’s a bug in a kernel driver that makes some of the uefi files accessible by the kernel not read-only like they should be. pretty nasty.


Its worth noting that its not caused purely by a bug in the Kernel SPI driver code, but a combination of both how the write flag in SPI_NOR struct was handled in the kernel and how the InsydeBios on certain Laptops reacts to that flag changing by resetting itself to defaults after a reboot. Which then leads the Bios to get stuck repeatedly resetting itself to defaults.

This is ultimately the result of undocumented / unexpected behaviour on the side of Vendors and/or Bios developers.

it appears to be random which laptop you buy.but i have decided after this and superfish i give up on lenovo

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i might be a bit annoyed at the moment


Dell has been pretty darn good about supporting linux, and their support is getting better all the time.

I have a really tight budget but i will look at dell in the future

still vexed though

There seems to be a fix or at least workaround:


I have a g50-80 and the fix for me was to switch to non-uefi boot in the bios. and to select boot mode i have to power off completely and push in a hidden button on the side of the laptop next to the power adapter port with a pen tip.

not sure if that help