Ubuntu 15.10 install issues on Crucial MX200

I have already returned 1 Crucial MX200 SSD to Amazon thinking that the drive was at fault. However, seeing as I am still having install issues with an entirely different SSD but the same model, it looks like Linux is at fault.

During install I select the bottom option "Something else" where you manually select the drive/partition. I set the mount point to "/". When I boot up the faulty SSD I get a black screen with a mouse cursor.

I did see the Ubuntu flash screen for a split second on one boot, but have yet to see it again. I have tried the boot repair disk (ISO/USB stick) that you get from SourceForge (I know .. gross) and it does not seem to help. Rather than reinstall a bunch of times and mess stuff up worse I am sending out a plea to my Linux brothers and sisters. I need this drive for work! Thank you in advance.

Id suggest you to try and use the automatic variant of the setup wizard where it uses the whole drive and sets it up. as you also need a /boot partition alongside the / itself.

I assume the black cursor is actually from grub that has no place to find the kernel image.

Basically, are you sure you set that partition as bootable?

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Sorry for the delay, I replaced the drive with another SSD and no issues. Pretty sure the Crucial drive had some driver issues.

Thats a wired one; actually the protocols used to communicate with the SSD/HDD should be standard amongst all.

But good its working now =) Likely the SATA controller did not like the SSD

Yeah, I would normally do more to determine root cause. No time tho. shrugs

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