Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Hi, with the release of 14.04 next Thursday I was wondering what you all thought of it. I have been using mint on my main computer for games and such for a while now, and my laptop (x120e) had crunch-bang but I would like to say that the improvements I have seen in the 14.04 beta when I put it on my laptop to test is astounding.

Unity is not only usable now but its actually a slight joy to use.

Ubuntu one has been shut-down so its not shoved in your face any more.

Best of all they are going to have you opt into the Amazon stuff that made everyone want to kick babys.

Has anyone else tried it? What are your impressions? I think this is the best release since version 10. It makes me hopeful for the future of the system.

I tried 14.04 in Virtualbox, it seemed fine. I'll try it on my netbook when it's released. I know 13.10 is very slow on it. (Just installed Crunchbang because of it)

I am really glad that Ubuntu is able to use user interface features to draw people towards linux, to ease them into it. I hope they continue to improve unity into something awesome.

I have not tried 14.04 yet but I am seriously itching to get my hands on xubuntu 14 when that comes out.

What were some of those improvements you were mentioning Doke?

Besides the obvious changes like interfaces in unity, I actually am not sure what causes the under the hood changes to work so much better in 14.04. I have only used Linux distros for the past 2 years but enjoy it more every day.

I was hoping to get people's opinions and experiences on it. While I don't think I'd keep it on my laptop (its isn't very high end and I want to try arch soon) it seems to be shaping up for an awesome release