Ubuntu 14.01 and Windows10 dual boot not completing

Hello all, I have an Ubuntu 14.01 live USB and am trying to do a dual boot setup on my Win10 laptop (maybe slowing waling into the linux for a year challenge).

Changed BIOS to boot from USB first, get into the live USB without issue, can boot into Ubuntu live/try before installing. I go to install Ubuntu (be it the file in the desktop of the live running, or later tried in the initial menu) and the install process starts, asks me language, wifi connection, install updates etc all fine, gets to the "install Ubuntu next to Windows 7, click that and continue, the computer reboots-- into Windows 10. I googled around and have turned off fast-boot, but haven't found any other info that could help. This is an older laptop that does not have UEFI.

Does the computer reboot after the installer finishes with the installation? If yes then its a simple grub fix from the live USB using this:


Use 2nd option and recommended fix. The application will do the rest.

If in the fixed grub you only see Ubuntu and not win 10 go into Ubuntu open a terminal and run "sudo update-grub" and both should appear fine.

It does not fully install, imo it doesn't even really start, its just the ui up to the point of, "installation type". I click continue and it reboots right away and the windows icon comes up mocking me.

You do have unallocated space on your disk saved for Linux, right? Because the automated partitioner will not touch the windows space at all.

If you do it could be a corrupted live usb...Try to make a new one from a different .iso source. The automated system tends to be a bit unreliable.

If this continues then you can try to make a manual install (make the partitions on your own ) instead of letting the installer do it automatically.

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It has been so long since I did a dual boot setup (Windows XP) and I didn't see (or skimmed past) it in the tutorials, total brain fart and didn't have enough unallocated space- sp its installed now, thanks!