Ubuntu 12.10 video card compatibility

So I've been wanting to try out Ubuntu because a friend of mine and I are going to be running a Linux server to start a web hosting company. I've been trying to get it to work on my main rig, but I'm getting GPU lockup errors with my gtx 580s when I try to install it. I've pretty much given up on getting that to work, but I want to make sure I'm getting a graphics card that is compatible for the server. 

I was thinking of getting a Radeon HD 5450. Would that work with Ubuntu 12.10? Are there any other budget cards out there that might be a better choice? 

I don't need anything fancy. I just need something to put a picture on the screen. 

This is the man who invented linux and what he has to say about nvidia (Linus Torvalds)


Nvidia cards dont run well in linux

I'm about to start an assignment requiring me to install that bloated distro on my Hackintosh, which has a 5450; the same card you mentioned. But about your 580s, had you tried to download the drivers off Nvidia's site? I also had a hard time getting my 470s to work with Debian but at the end of the day I got it to work but it requires alot of patience to do so!

Well i dont know about ubuntu 12.10 (i whont use anything past 10.04lts for ubuntu)

But you shudent have a problem running a hd 5450 iam running one (wile iam still waiting for my new gpu from amazon :@)

And i have dual boot windows 7 and debian running with it fine out the box 


Well, I'll have to try it out once we get the server up and running. We're going to use use Ubuntu Server once I learn how to use the vanilla distro, so it shouldn't be too bloated since it'll just be straight command lines with no gui. Either way though, Ubuntu is still going to be less bloated than Windows. 

As for the drivers, I can't even get the os installed because of GPU lockup errors, so it's not like I can just download the drivers, because I can't get Ubuntu installed in the first place. 

Btw, why are you sticking with version 10.04?

10.04lts was the best thay did before thay tryed to copy windows 8 and add to much crap.

Just instal debian without gui it will be faster and more stable than ubuntu for a server 

Hmm... I'll have to look into that. I assume I'll still be able to run apache for web hosting? 

Yes it will (when you install debian you get the options what to install just dont tick graphical display or desktop)

Well I was able to install Debian on my main rig, and I was going to play around with it for a bit before we actually get the server up and running, but it locks up shortly after I log in. I'm assuming it's because of the video cards...

Remove the GPUs, and attempt to boot. A server won't benefit from GPU acceleration :|

I'm aware. That's why I'm not going to be using the main rig for a server. We're going to be making a server with two Intel Xeon E5 2630s and 128GB of RAM with a Radeon HD 5450, since there's no onboard video.

I don't know a lot about nvidia cards but I know about the linux drivers, so...

First, try both the nouveau and the proprietary driver (nouveau is reverse engineered and have mixed stability ;)  the proprietary driver is known to be stable. On the AMD site the open source driver for everything up to the 6000 series is damn stable and catalyst works pretty well, too.

When you are in the live cd menue thingy press "e" and it should come up with a bunch of text.

Find the part of the text that says "quiet splash" and erase that and where it was type "nomodeset" and then press ctrl+x and it should work.

once everything is installed then you reboot to go into the full version again and install your drivers.

I tried nomodeset with ubuntu and it didn't work. I was able to get debian installed, but it's not working. maybe I can try out nomodeset there as well.