Ubuntu 12.04 partition problems

I recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 using wubi and gave it about a 100gb partition, however it only uses about 30gb of that and I can't find where the other 70gb went. I tried looking at it in gparted, however that just says that my entire hard drive is unallocated space. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


um... select the unused space, format it with the file system you used for ubuntu (should be etx4). then merge the 2 partitions.

The problem is that the unused space is being used so if I format it then I will lose everything on it.

How can an unallocated space be used? I concur with ztrain, just merge them together.

Ok, sorry I explained this terribly, when I open gparted the only thing it recodnises is my hard drive, which it says is 500gb of unallocated space (its a 500gb drive).

If you want to format/use the 500GB try this: in Gparted go to Device -> Create partition table. Then format or install Ubuntu on it.

Don't use wubi! It's bugy and does weird things to your partitions.