Ubisoft using deep learning to predict game bugs

Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5C4FUvDyCc

What could go wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did they let all their QA staff go too?
Not that Barnacles is still salty… :stuck_out_tongue:

Almost every AMD and Intel chip coming on the market over the next three years will include fpga AI circuitry that is designed to do the same thing. Bugs and bottlenecks are about to become largely a thing of the past and, for example, AMD’s Vega decides for itself how to run anyone’s games, including Ubisoft. Their efforts are a day late and a dollar short, but will certainly have legacy applications for the next ten years.

i have to admit, an AI that auto suggest fix for bug he found it’self ? The way i see it, in a couple of year “call center” kind of setup will be put in place to accept or deny the AI bugfix, then they won’t be any human check. And someday the AI will think that the “Do not kill all human” directive is a bug XD

Why should AI be any different from people?

I’d rather see them deploy AI to fix the bugs.

They’ve been planning this in detail for fifteen years. That’s roughly when they hit an unexpected physical speed bump in silicon that forced the entire industry to convert to multicore processing. Along with a lot of other technology all coming to fruition, they’ve finally begun to master AI applications and the mathematics behind them, which can be four times more complex than classical mathematics. Theoretically, the perfect cpu would contain both quantum and classical processors which could trade places. Your synapses do the same thing, conflating the identity of what is actually a thought and what is a memory, because thinking is how we form memories.

Roger Penrose’s theory of quantum microwave vibrations in the microtubles of the brain, or axions, has already received its first two experimental confirmations. The brain resembles a distributed gain amplifier with probabilistic memory, organized according to Bayesian probabilities vanishing into indeterminacy. Empowering the brain to be more than 100% efficient at times. Quantum Cognition is a rapidly growing field that demonstrates how the human mind is quantum mechanical. Examination of the most rudimentary organization of our neurons has revealed that our mind and brain can exchange roles at the most fundamental level, whenever it proves to be more efficient, thus expressing a superscalar architecture.

Technobabble, but it breaks down to the brain being organized to look for what’s missing from this picture. Shadows, for example, are the fastest, most reliable, and most efficient way to determine if another animal is moving, and the visual centers of the brain are organized to look for what’s missing from this picture. AI bereft any sense of humor is merely another automaton, while corporations and governments are baffled as to how to address the situation, and old men with long beards mumble and pace in circles. Instant karma gonna getcha baby, and one African tribe enjoys wryly summing up the human condition insisting, “Mother Nature’s love is irresistible, but she has a wicked sense of humor!”