Ubiquiti Unifi AP with this cheap router (Dlink DIR-605L)?

I'm a total noob when it comes to networking so I was wondering if the Unifi AP would work well with this cheap router:


I know it requires Power over ethernet. Can someone tell me if this'll work?

It will work with any router. The access point will come with a PoE injector so you don't need a PoE switch or anything like that.

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They don't come with any Cat5e/Cat6 cables though, and you need two with the PoE injector. Still, for the price they're easily the best AP you can get. I have a UAP-PRO at home and we deploy them all the time at work.

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I have a CAT 5 cable with only 2 pair of wires. Will this work for POE? I read somewhere that all 4 pairs are needed for POE to work. Is this true?

I'm pretty sure you need four pairs for PoE. 100mbps PoE uses two pairs for data and two pairs for power and 1000mbps uses all four pairs anyway.

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Thanks. I guess I'll have to get a 4 pair CAT5 cable. The cheap one I have has only 2 twisted pairs. Weird. I thought this was supposed to be standardized.

It's standard on CAT5e and up.