Ubiquiti AP Issue

I have a Ubiquiti AP Pro that went down randomly last night. It was blinking white very slowly. After plugging/unplugging, it shows no sign of life at all.

I have not investigated it yet. Going to look at it after work today. Just wanted to see if anyone had any tips for troubleshooting. I know several people here use Ubiquiti gear. I have several APs in various places and have never had one go down before.

My first thought is to check the POE. Then hardware reset… Not sure what to do after that.

I’ll go to the Ubiquiti forums if I can’t figure it out, but they are generally pretty slow there, so I thought I’d ask here first.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

Botched update maybe?

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I wasn’t running updates. Does it do any automatic updates on its own? Unifi can be kind of opaque…

They’re complaining of poor network performance now, so I think maybe the POE switch is dying. That’s a bummer.

I believe by default it doesnt enable that but it is definitely an option that can be changed.

Personally ive got the AC Lite and i leave the auto update function enabled and i havent had any issues, but if theres some sort of PoE issue i can imagine it may botch it.

Either way i suspect a factory reset should fix it.

That could be possible as well.

Try disabling PoE on the switch and put a separate PoE injector between the switch and AP, see if that helps

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When I first got mine (original ac one) it did that a couple of times and I think it was just a bad PoE injector as I was using one that I already had rather than the one that came with it. After replacing it I stopped having problems, so you’re probably right about the PoE switch dying.

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Does it ARP?
ping the IP of the AP and then run

arp -a

you should see the MAC address of the AP in your ARP list if you are on the same network.


So it was the POE.

It’s connected to a 500W EdgeSwitch. Everyone on that switch was experiencing degraded network performance.

I turned off POE across the whole switch, put the AP on an injector and everything returned to normal.

Now need to see if the switch is under warranty or if I can repair it.


Hey @RotaryWombat @Dexter_Kane @NetBandit,

Another Ubiquiti question…

I have an ER-Pro that currently has a failover bond to a switch. Bonding in EdgeOS kills the hardware acceleration and spams the log with errors. So obviously, I don’t want to do that, but I’d still like to have link redundancy for the LAN (router on a stick config).

Is there another way to establish link redundancy to the LAN that won’t cause these problems?

Short answer: no

Long answer: If you want redundancy, you don’t have it with a single router, which in and of itself is a single point of failure. And based on this thread, I’m losing faith in Ubuquiti’s hardware. Me, personally, I’ve only been interested in their access points. I’ve never been impressed by their routers or other hardware. I’ll stick with the usual suspects for that stuff.

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Unfortunately i only have light experience with the AP’s and pfsense, though pfsense and ubiquiti AP’s play well and i can imagine setting up some sort of failover shouldnt be very difficult in that setup

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Yeah, the only substantive response I’ve gotten on the Ubiquiti forum was to get another router and configure VRRP. That’s way overkill, especially since I only have one WAN uplink anyway. I just want the redundant link because it’s in a shared colo rack (different location than the POE situation) and I don’t trust people… The management interfaces on all of my servers are failover bonds.

I bought into Ubiquiti a few years ago when I was less experienced. If I was starting today, I’d go with pfsense for the routing. That said, it’s mostly fine. Vyatta will do most things well and the hardware offloading is nice.

What switches do you like? Ubiquiti offers a good price for 10GbE, but I haven’t looked at competitors recently. I did have a Supermicro Switch at one point that was decent.