UAP-AC-LR vs UAP-AC-LITE - Concrete Walls Small Apartment

Could anyone tell me if the UAP-AC-LR is better suited for my environment? My apartment is 60 sq m (645 sq ft), however, I have concrete walls. I am wondering if the LR is worth the extra 20 euros. I would lean toward no, the the Lite will be fine.

I don’t think so. I need to find the source but when doing some research I had read the the LR models are meant for open areas, not necessarily that they will provide longer range through obstacles.

I read some post that talked about it like that was the case, but the building in question was much larger. After some of the things I read, I gathered the same idea. Because the space I am trying is quit small, and the AP will be right in the middle, I am going for the Lite first to try and save a dollar. If it doesn’t work, I will swap it out.