U2711 or 3007WFP


 I want to buy a new monitor, because I currenlty have a Iiyama Prolite E2209HDS, which was fine for the past two years, but now I want something bigger and better.

I want to choose between these two monitors, I'd like the extra pixels from the 3007, but I don't want to have (much) worse graphics (take this with a spoon of sugar, I'm no monitor-expert, so if the difference is too small, I might not even see it) They are both on sale for 350 euros, 477 us dollar.

I mostly use it for browsing and gaming, and sometimes a little bit of photoediting, but nothing serious. I know that I don't need such a monitor to do that, but I really like a nice monitor, it's something you look at so much,I'm prepared to spend some money on it.

I hope you guys can give me some advice.


Buy the 3007, I have the 3008 and I think I will be buried with it I like it that much. You can have so many workspaces on a large display it really makes a lot of things easier.

Your 'much worse graphics' has me confused. Are you talking about image quality from the panel? or what..

If you are worried about game performance buy a higher end gpu. You can't have one without the other (high res screen with low/mid range cards) I had a single 7950 for a good while - performed @2560x1600 well. My 2x 4gb 760's though are a 100 fold better.

Thanks for your advice. With 'worse graphics' I meant inputlag, color calibration, USB hub and other inputs. What are the differencesdifferences between the 3007 and the u2711 considering these aspects?

Sorry for my bad english.