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U.2 Hardware Options and Opinions

So I am looking to utilize the u.2 ports on my motherboard (Asus WS X299 Sage) and wanted to get everyones opinion on some of the solutions I am looking at, especially someone like @wendell that has experience with these more enterprise solutions.

So here is what I’m looking at,

  1. ICY DOCK (Tool-Less M.2 to U.2 Adapter) M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD to 2.5" U.2 (SFF-8639) SSD Converter - EZConvert MB705M2P-B

    $34.13 USD @ Amazon

  2. Samsung 983 DCT Series SSD 960GB - PCIe NVMe 2.5” 7mm Interface Internal Solid State Drive with V-NAND Technology for Business (MZ-QLB960NE)

    $189.99 USD @ Amazon

I really like option #1 but when I found option #2 at probably the cheapest price I have seen a U.2 drive it got me thinking should I just get the 983 DCT… however I don’t know how great the performance will be with the Samsung 983 DCT, is it going to perform bad like a QVO drive? Samsung lists the Random Read and Write in IOPS, 440,000 IOPS Read and 46,000 IOPS write but how does that convert to Megabytes?

Anyways I want use U.2 so I can have external removable PCIe SSD’s, so eventually I will get something like this
ICY DOCK ToughArmor Rugged Full Metal 4 Bay 2.5" NVMe U.2 SSD Mobile Rack for External 5.25" Bay

Anyways, look forward to everyones comments and if you know of other U.2 options please talk about them.


Do they share any lanes of stuff you are using?

Can get new on Ebay for $125

you can also get the intel U.2 SSDs used, they’re either SLC or MLC and have crazy enterprise endurance ratings

Was looking at the P3700 but they are too expensive when i was making purchase decisions, since i wont be crazy write extensive i went with samsung (the 983 endurance sucks tho)

Nope, direct from the CPU Lanes.

Is buying drives used really a good idea? Why are they dumping them, S.M.A.R.T warnings or corrupt sectors? Do they know they are nearing end of max Write?

What’s your experience with buying used drives? Seems like a bad idea…

Havent booted mine up yet(soon doing massive nas upgrade atm) Honestly I got two of them for a mirror so not super concerned and for the price they are cheap enough I dont care. All the data will be backed up on my old nas drives so its not a big deal in my eyes.

If you care about data you should have layers of backup so i am not super worried about used drives

personal experience with these drives none yet, it is something I plan on doing and Wendell does mention doing it himself in a couple videos, I’ll edit in one when I find it

they have an insane endurance so even used you won’t likely run into a problem

Also usually under provisioned too

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