U.2 enabler for MegaRAID 16i (slimsas to minsas)

I rebuilding my NAS and using a Supermicro CSE-829HE1C4-R1K02LPB 16 bay chassis and the SAS3-826EL1-N4 backplane with support for 4 nvme u.2 drives. The HBA I’ve got is the LSI MegaRAID 9400 16i Trim-Mode in IT mode.

So it seems that I need a slimsas to minisas U.2 enabler cable, but I’m a little out of my depth here on what exactly I need. I was on the Broadcom site and it seem that some of the cables are 1x and that most NVME drives would need 4x… again, out of my depth here.

The cable I’ve been looking at is ebay item number: 335066145564, and its listed as:

“LSI Logic U.2 Enabler Cable 1M - SFF-8643 to SlimLine HD Cable 05-50063-00”

It seems like its got the correct connectors, and is specific to LSI?

Could someone point me to what I should be looking for?


The LSI Logic U.2 Enabler Cable you found on eBay looks like a good fit for your NAS setup. It provides the needed 4-lane connection between your LSI MegaRAID HBA and the Supermicro backplane, supporting your NVMe U.2 drives. The cable’s connectors match your hardware. For peace of mind, check your backplane’s manual for the exact SlimSAS connector type and maybe ask Supermicro support about cable recommendations. If you want other options, look for “SFF-8643 to SFF-8654 U.2 enabler cable” from reliable sellers. This cable should let you successfully add the NVMe drives to your rebuilt NAS.


Thanks! I’ve got that cable, and some others on order and I’ll post my results.

Which component needs a slimsas connection? A cursory look of the 9400 and the SAS3-826EL1 both show sff-8643 connectors as opposed to slimsas.

Also another thing to watch out for is the trimode adapter needing a UBM to establish a connection with NVME drives; I know newer broadcom cards require it, but I’m not sure if the older cards can directly connect to NVME or not.