Typographical fanboism, part 2

With the Ryzen 3000 release date looming, I quickly threw something together. It’s not primarily meant to annoy people who like Intel’s products, but my own preferences certainly were the spark that started this playing with font design.

The individual letters of AMD’s font are very plain and simple shapes, based on a 5 by 5 grid of squares. It’s exactly the kind of “applied geometry” I like to play with, so I tried to emulate more and more letters that would fit with the few provided by the original source.

As usual, I abused PoV-Ray to do this. Here is the source scene description, in case anybody wants to tinker with the design:

niceproc.zip (2.6 KB)

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Got an alphaless version?

Or at least just letters, no base layer.



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The “i” intentionally deviates from what AMD provides in their promotional imagery of Threadripper. I wanted to give a nod to competition, both specifically, and abstractly. Ultimately, it is different companies trying to outdo each other, which results in progress.

Now, I am probably not entirely honest with myself. But I actually feel a bit liberated by the presence of the Zen2 processors, because I no longer need to complain about Intel not making progress. Now I can rest assured that Intel is pretty much guaranteed to come up with improvements soon enough.

Something like that?

I meant like no background color, but you know what that’ll work perfectly.