Typing program for kids

Has anyone used a descent typing program for Kids. I rolled the internets and didn’t see one worthy of
the original “All-the-Right-Type”. Noteven All-the-Right-Type.

Any recommendations?

Perhaps too basic for what you’re looking for, but there is this, if you can get it running yourself:

It’s just one key at a time, screen flashes, if correct

Just set them up on minecraft and show them how to send messages to each other :slight_smile:

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Yeah. RPG chat rooms and EverQuest taught me how to type.

It’s funny how ::walks in:: and ::fires ki blast:: speed typing evolved into turn based, verbosity; “Looming over the hall, at well over six feet, AdminDev of the Western Khal entered the tavern, eyeing the shadows in the corners, out of habit, where the candle lights fingers failed to reach.”

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very verbose

Mavis Beacon is the most lovely non-existent person I’ve ever met

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Man I need the same thing. When I was a kid my school used Ultrakey. I want my kids to know how to type and they are getting to that age where they can really learn how

Edit: looked it up they still make it. And home license is actually reasonably priced.

My kids school as an internal email system that let’s the kids send emails to each other anonymously - they get given a cute animal avatar. Anyhow it’s accessible via a web-portal and the teachers can keep an eye on what gets sent.

Turns out my seven year old lad didn’t know about the teachers monitoring it.



We got an email with screenshots from the headteacher and had to have a little chat about sensible computer use and words we never use…

…my wife was mortified, I just found it hilarious especially when his big sister announced “Oh, he said ‘shit’ we hear mum say that when she breaks something”.

He is now having lessons on PGP and why encryption is always a good thing to use :rofl:

If there is a moral to this story, it’s be careful what you wish for :smiley:

EDIT: and yes, I told him there’s no need to shout when sending insulting emails. The insult is plenty…


Oh fuck, I’m dying :rofl::rofl::rofl: