Type1 Hypervisor For Home use

Hi Friends,
I am very new to virtualisation.
I have an idea in my mind, I don’t know if this is the right way.

I want to install “Type1 Hypervisor” in my home.
What I want to do in my home:
In one room, my sister will play roblox.
In the other room, my brother will run “Macintosh Catalina”.
I will play games sometimes.
Sometimes I will watch films stored on my hard drive with “Infuse” on Apple TV.

For all this, is it a sensible idea to install Type1 Hypervisor?
I need your opinion.


You will require a beefy machine for that use case - at least something like a Threadripper.

It may be more practical and cheaper to use smaller discrete computers for that, especially if physical space is not a constraint.

You can get yourself 3 whole cheap computers easily for the price of an AMD Threadripper CPU alone.


Thank you for answer.

I second the recommendation for discrete systems.

The only reason for you to push through with your original setup is that if you have no trouble to get a budget for such a system and that your purpose for using said system is for practical work experience - something that you can put in a resume for a related work and make you a more attractive candidate for employment.

I have no problem with the budget, but it seems to me that things will be more complicated.
I understood that from your comments.
I think it would be more logical to build a discrete systems.

Thank you for your valuable comments.

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discrete systems plus a NAS sounds like your future.