Tying to get my Sapphire 7970 fix

Hi Guys , I shipped my 7970 to a friend and oh boy the delivery guy's must had fun playing rugby with the box , so it arrived with some 1mm by 2mm condensers that I cannot find the place where they go , and tried to talk to sapphire because the card is no longer in its warranty , here is my exp: PS : the time line is upside down ..ps2: My native language is not english so excume me

2016-8-5 [11:30]

11187-04 contains several board P/N numbers and we are not able to provide us the schematics due to the confidential.

2016-8-4 [21:09]

Hi i think i am not making my self very clear about my issue...
I just wanted a 11197-04 schematics for me to check were are some condensers missing , me as the card does not have guarantee ,
If you guys are not understanding the number i will describe the card
7970 dual x oc with boost - the card as a blue pcb 2x8pin power connectors and 1xHDMI; 1xDisplayPort; 1xSingle-Link DVI-D; 1xDual-Link DVI-I
I think is the only 7970 that as a dual x cooler with 2x8pin and a blue pcb .

Or can you tell me how much would it be to fix the card

2016-8-4 [17:21]

Or you can tell us the spec of those two components so that we can check the database for you.

2016-8-4 [17:20]

Sorry that it's hard for us to compare thouand of parts of those 2 components.
It needs to be checked in the factory side.

2016-8-4 [12:02]

The reseller I bought as closed , there is no way i can contact them , please could you help me with some pcb pictures to compare my card , to check where are missing those

2016-8-4 [11:15]

Dear Sir:
Please prepare card's receipt or invoice then contact reseller where you purchased the card for claim RMA service again.

2016-8-4 [08:02]

Hi , I wanted some help from you guys , so I shiped my GPU and in the shipping some SMD condenser's appeard in the box flying away and I cannot find any high resolution picture of the pcb to know where are them from , I will leave some pic's of what happened. I hope you guys can help me

There are the one that are missing =S

your going to need to disassemble your 7970 to compare yours with this pic, they use like hundreds of those on each board. here is a high res pic of board (too big to upload here)

if i was you though i would make a complaint to the shipping company for a replacement...

I already made a complain but in Portugal I don't think is goin to cover anything as they sell insurence for packages and I didn't buy it because normally everything goes fine ... =S
I have seen that picture but that is not the same pcb =/ mine as 2x8pin and is a blue pcb I wanted to compare and asked for a high res picture from them but they didn't responde well ... do you think that pcb is goin to be the same as mine ?

This is the only "high" not high enough quality i got and is only from the back

I would say your a bit screwed then, even if you found the spot they go you would need to be like the worlds best soldering expert to place them without issues, they are normally soldered on by a computer.

so in my opinion you are going to have to buy a new one