Two unused ports on my Laptop MOBO?

Ok, so i was upgrading my ram in my laptop today, this is the first time i changed ram in this laptop at all. After i changed it i noticed there was two unused ports on the MOBO and one of the ports had a screw mount point that doesnt get a screw from the back panel. I have no idea what they are used for and wondered if any one knew. The laptop is the newer Alienware 14.

The first port i noticed was right next to the RAM, nothing connects to it


The second is right next to the wireless card on the left. On the right is the HDD and DVD-RW

I do believe that there port in the bottom two pics is for one of these.

The bottom pictures are Msata, dont know about the top.

Msata or PCIe mini for the top (they're actually the same physically)

Mine has two unused ports aswell.

It's like having extra PCIe ports open on your mobo. Doesn't do anything but make it light not being used. :P

I wanted to put stuff in there to maybe make my comp faster or add some cool features but list of compatable cards with mobile mobos are so small.

Well the bottom pictures actually SAY msata, but the top pictures have an extra set of pins, thats what threw me off.

Hmm.. the bottom one by the wireless could be where the SSD would be if i chose the option to get the HDD and SSD. but they seem kinda small for M-SATA SSD's in general, especially since there is only one screw mounting point on each, 

The first large port makrked DMC is for wireless display card. the lover is for Msata SSD.


You sound so defeated. Haha.