Two things I've noticed

1. After upgrading my TWC connection from 10/1 to 20/2, YouTube loads much faster at UHD, and I've had the TWC caching server blocked since before the upgrade. 10/1 should stream UHD fine so TWC was doing dirty things to peddle upgrades I guess. I don't have any objective evidence yet so maybe someone should research this further. It definitely deserves a mention next time there is a TWC segment though. (assuming someone can verify)


2. When doing "low-end" price:performance rigs, you really REALLY should mention street prices on hardware. NIB cards are rarely worth it in my opinion. I expect used HD7870's to hit $120 by xmas, it would be extremely hard to find any NIB card that competes with 2x7870 at $240. You also have the chance of getting a ridiculous deal when scouring ebay too; imagine if you got 2x7950's for $240...

The risk involved with getting used cards isn't really that bad IMO, there is commonly DOA protection and sometimes 30 day warranties. I think it's at least worth mentioning.


The show is awesome; keep it up.

I like your style.  2 7870's clock just under Titan performance for BF3 anyway.  Not to bash.