Two Questions

Okay my first question is...

1. In terms of the 9800gtx+, what is a dangerous or uncomfortable zone when it comes to temperature?

2. Also...I'm not quite sure what bottle necking does...I get the general idea where it slows down one of your hardware due to another. But does it slow it down by a percentage? Or is it that the hardware cannot exceed a certain amount due to like the motherboard or cpu, so its full potential cannot be used? (Example: core clock for a gpu)

big thanks to those that answers


i dont got a 9800 GTX + so i cant say. Bottlnecking is when something in your system is slowing another part down. Eg. you have a low end cpu with the best gpu, therefore in games your Frame rate will only go as high as ur cpu can push it, therefore u are bottlencking your gpu

anything above 70c is not good

danger is 90


thats basically what it does

does not allow the maximum amount to pass through capping it off at a certain rate

ah...okay thanks

My 9800GTX+ idles at around 39, and at load, I've seen it go up to about 59. Celsius of course. And this is at 45% fan speed. in a room that's an ambient 70 ish degrees Farenheit, or 21 degrees celsius or so.