Two Gaming Rigs, Dilemma

Hello all! My first post here!
In a nutshell.
Started building a new gaming/production rig for myself beginning of the year. Yes I know it’s been a while but some parts where hard to come by too, as everyone knows, mainly GPUS and DDR5.
A friend of mine asked me to build a similar rig, so I started it as well.
My bud fell through financially, job, family, etc. I’m fine with that, it’s all good.
My dilemma is which one to keep??
Here’s the specs:
12900K and 12900KS, both w/EKWB Quantum Velocity² blocks
Motherboards- MSI MEG Z690 Unify-X, MSI MEG Z690i Unify
32 GB DDR5 6000 in both.
RTX 3080 Ti FE w/EKWB Full Metal block, RTX 3080 Ti EVGA FTW3 Ultra w/EKWB Quantum Vector² & ABP
2TB FireCuda 530 for in both.
Cases: Lian Li o11 EVO w/2 EKWB XE 360 rads and Lian Li o11 Air Mini w/2 EKWB P240 rads-44mm thick(EKs new rads suppose to be 20% morre optimized than the older PE version)
Minimal RGB on both.
There has been quite a few parts 3D printed for both builds.
Obviously I’ll keep the KS CPU, that’s one of the ‘other’ reasons my original build was delayed. I really like both cases a lot! The mini looks really good to me though.
The big ‘battle’ would be cooling. I’m almost 100% sure the 2 P240 rads would cool enough, but the cooling setup in the EVO is a work of art(not to toot my own horn) I don’t plan on OCing the death out of them.
I’ll keep one and sell or donate the other.

What are your thoughts?

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The systems are so similar I would keep the one you are most happy with. If unsure, run a few benchmarks on either one, keep the more performant one.

Since everything in both systems are S or S+ Tier, you are pretty much choosing whether you want to wear a black silk shirt or black satin shirt to the party. Neither is bad, flip a coin. Life is too Short to worry about these things.

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If you would like to flex your building skills, you are welcome to post pics of PcPron, I’m sure people will appreciate a good tubing job.

And both systems sound kick-ass!

If you later decide to sell, check the BST rules.

Either way, Welcome!

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