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Two drives under one LUKS?

Is it possible to have two drives under one luks? What I mean is if I can have a SSD and HDD unlocked on boot with one password/keyfile so I don’t have to type password two times.

Yes, you can have multiple disks (and partitions) unlocked with a single LUKS passphrase at boot.

I am not sure about key files but if you create a new LUKS volume and use the exact same passphrase as another volume you “should” only be prompted for a single passphrase at boot.


If I understand you correctly: I setup luks on one drive, luks on second drive and enter the same passphrase and at boot time it should unlock both drives?

Yes, if you use the same exact same passphrase that you use for the other LUKS volume then during boot it should recongnise that both volumes use the same passphrase any only ask once.

This definitely works with passphrases but I don’t know about keyfiles as I don’t use them.


Thank you very much. Will try it with keyfile and report back if it works or not.

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