Two boards in one case

So I am already quite certain this is not possible but I wanted opinions anyway. I plan on moving in with my girlfriend in Arizona soon and she is stuck with her cheap little laptop that of course cannot run any games at a playable fps. I had already planned on building her a machine and a second one for me since my father destroyed mine. I had wanted to go with two separate mini-itx builds for her and me because of space, but then I had a much bigger idea. Would it be possible to fit two mini-itx gaming rigs into one case? Is there even a case I could manage that with (I am willing to do a little modding)? I plan on going with a 3220 i3 for her paired with a 7850 and a 3570k with either a gtx 670 mini, 7870, 7950, or 7970 for me. I am not quite sure on the other parts quite yet since this build will happen around Christmas time or so. Thanks.

rosewill blackhawk ultra its got 2 psu mounts and 10 pci slots chop out room for rear io in the pci slots

and how did your desktop get destroyed just wondering?

My father and I got in a pretty big fight a couple months ago which resulted in me moving. He got pissed and put his foot through the plastic window which busted up the 680's pretty bad and caused the hoses connected to the blocks to become disconnected and spray liquid everywhere further destroying it. I moved in with a friend and in the next couple months I am moving in with my girlfriend out in Arizona to go to school there for ASL Interpetation. I originally wanted Computer Science over at the University of Texas at Dallas (which is a fantastic school for that), but I came to the realization I haven't seriously programmed anything in about 11 months so I moved onto something that was rapidly becoming a favorite interest. Anyway, onto the case. I literally just watched the Linus video on the blackhawk and that is what got me considering the possibility of a double system.

Interesting way to kill a computer.  But good luck with college and I have always wanted to put 2 systems in one but dont have a use for 2 lol.  And I also just watched linus's video and read about it on anandtech.

With a Case Labs M8, you could put one system per side. Still, for such 'low-end' builds (not trying to offend), it would be a pretty expensive case for the uses. Case Labs aer by far the best cases available, but are expensive, and entirely meant for watercooling.

Otherwise, the Corsair 700, 800, and 900D both have enough room, and dual PSU capabilities. Silverstone TJ07 and TJ11 do, as well.

On the cheaper side, you could opt for a Rosewill BlackHawk, Rosewill Thor, Fractal Design Define XL R2, twin-Bitfenix prodigies (a black one and white one would be cool - it would be two cases, but it would look so cool!), There is also the option of a custom case, but that would be a lot of hands-on work designing, cutting, and assembling properly.

Carboard boxes work pretty well.

"Carboard boxes work pretty well."

LOL, my old computer teacher built a pc inside a pizza box. The blackhawk is seeming like a pretty cool idea due to it's size (I want to get a 3 piece corner desk and hide it in the corner behind the desk. With the bitfenix rigs I know a guy who would do custom painting for free so I could get a sky-blue job on hers and a blood red one on mine. That might be pretty nice looking too.

Yeah, they're pretty great cases. Lian Li makes some really good mITX cases, as well. Plus, the Silverstone TJ08B-E is great, as well. If you plan on going for two individual mITX builds, then those are great options :)