Twitter: Transparency and Accountability Hearing

Beyond cringe worthy.

Pro tip: Say Algorithm at least 5 times, people will know you mean business.

Pro tip: Say Machine Learning and Blockchain like you know what it is. Then ask why the algorithms are changing so often (because of Machine Learning) when you just said you know how it works.

Stupidest reps so far:


No real order.

Crying about vetting employees for political biases, non-political ads, and stopping the bots. You have creative minds, just stop the bots!

Disgusting waste of government resources. Par for the course, though, entitled government politicians mocking technology they don’t understand.


Just sounds like the typical dog and pony show to me

Jack made a mistake the other day when he told Congress a botched “algorithm” “unfairly” blocked accounts. That will be used to attack Twitter and all social media for deliberately designing in censorship, to use the agenda-driven intent of that word.

Social media sites are private sector publishers who solicit content and use content that they do not pay for. They don’t have an obligation to provide an unvetted free speech platform to anyone to say anything.

They also have a responsibility, as publishers, to actually control what they do and do not publish. The size and scale of the sites, however, means they can’t/won’t pay to hire the number of appropriately skilled humans needed to review and apply judgment to the stuff they publish. So they resort to code to do that, and code does not think and has no judgment.

None of the sites are creating garbage content. We are. Since social media profitability does not at all depend on the accuracy/legitimacy/decency of the content it publishes, things are likely to continue spinning downwards toward the lowest common denominator, in the digital equivalent of mob speak, until loss of profitability sees sites start to shut down.