Twitter Failed Again

Well, it looks like Twitter fucked up again. This time it'll probably drive me away even though the token bs didn't and should have. Facebook drove me away. Now Twitter?

Where will we go?

I tried to find the source of why Twitter is so addicting to people, I tried to get in vibe with it but in the end I was bored to hell and I forgot that I still have this app on my mobile.

I don't really know if it would be an interesting experiment, to develop a "little" more raw open-source version of a social media platform without any ads and algorithms just to test, if there are actually people who would use it and create a user base - and hopefully donate some money to keep the servers running. What do you guys think?


Just let them die. There are other options waiting to take their place.

Like what?

Remember Ello?

.... Yeah, me neither.

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That article is for 2014 just saying.

But seems like they gonna do it anyway lol.

Don't forget twitter is a for profit company.

I've never gotten really into twitter. Unfortunately, its still a platform that a lot of people use to post meaningful updates and news, so I try to follow some folks (i.e. the Tek crew, etc) on my desktop. I still can't understand how people are comfortable installing the app on their phones after simply reading the data access requirement notes during the install . . .

Exactly. And why would you want to install an App for a web-service that is easily accessible by the browser.

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I honestly have it installed on my phone. I use it to keep up with artists and YouTubers I follow, and to try to spread my own music around.

You could try Diaspora. It's been around for a few years and hasn't really taken off.

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There is a network calles "Dispora" I believe. Seems like the DuckDuckGo of social media.


Was it @carnogaunt 's suggested Diaspora?

My bad. I am a bit in a hurry right now.

You can do exactly that without the twitter app. The app just consumes your battery life lot more and is spying on you.

Well, I'm not at my computer at every waking moment.

Been considering getting rid of the app since I don't use it so often. We'll see.

No dude, I'm talking about your smartphone. If you have mobile internet on it. You can access twitter by Firefox, Opera, Chrome or whatever you have installed. Yes it takes bit longer since you have to type in the URL but you can always bookmark the websites. In addition as long as you don't delete the cookies then you will never have to log into website again.

@LinuxMaster9 actually made an unofficial one not that long ago. I have not used it at all lol. About 4 forum members signed up :D

I dunno if I like this "pods" idea.

Please explain the DuckDuckGo of social media phrase ? :)