Twitch suspends users with barely any clothes on

While I think people who are going to strip into undergarments on that site live while gaming does sound bizarre and over the line to most viewers (has there been at least a case on this?), banning users who are just cosplaying or are "sexually-suggestive", in a mature audience-appropriate way, does sound discriminating. So what now, do we have to turn to porn webcam sites for this subject from now on?


EDIT: I assume the new policy is to rid of "view-shilling", as pointed out by a user on Ars.

As of this time, this is the screenshot of what I've taken and the cap is self explanatory:

I will not tell on how many cleavage shots are in there; again, self explanatory.

On a side note, I smiled when there is a dude who has a video of him taking a selfie and it made a few hits but not enough.

Twitch is trying to stream gaming content not pornography, no where in their business model does it state they want sexual explicit content in the first place. Personally I could care less if some one was sitting in their chair naked and pretending to play games, I wouldn't be watching their content in the first place. I am prety sure Twitch does not want to be the website known as "Porn and sometimes games". Not only that, but having the broadcaster "showing themselves off" to entice viewers is just terrible, I am not talking about personal looks, you cannot really change that, unless you decide to wear a face mask.

EDIT: Regarding the cosplay, if the cosplay is a little too revealing, then perhaps a face came is enough but if they give a quick view of their entire outfit it shouldn't be too much an ordeal. If the camera was constantly focused on their crotch/ass or breasts (Not just women, men need not having no cloths while live streaming) then Twitch should be a little concerned.

In other news female twitch streamers subs plummet!

(I know there are a lot of legit female twitch streamers but there are A LOT that thrive on just being pretty)

I'm on the fence about it too. I'm alittle curious how they plan on regulating this.

The only amount of Hillariousness i see coming out of this all those girls on twitch who try to be Sexual to get viewers to watch their Gamestreams won't be able to get away with this anymore.



I was just thinking about this. Not to mention, attention whoring.

looks like something i would watch.

I read an article about this earlier and was like, well, no more shirtless streams...but I could just adjust the camera so that it only captures from like just below my chin and up.

This is so dumb and retarded...

I'll tell a little story with this: there was this Flemish cinema director called Erik Van Looy, that had made this very popular Flemish movie called "Loft", a thriller about three guys that rent a condo to use as a place to take women to, then there is a murder, and it becomes an intricate whodunit, right... so the European version was made a couple of years ago, with popular Flemish actors, actors that are known for their ability to portray real life character roles, not known for their model-like looks or whatever, right... so this movie is all about bringing the audience into the movie, with extensive character building and incredible suspense building, right... so it shows the things that people know from normal daily life, including full frontal nudity, romance, and bad language (but it's a classy movie, you know, he doesn't show explicit sex, and all sexual acts that are suggested or talked about are within normal parameters, there is nothing crazy, nothing the average person wouldn't do), excluding the actual murder and violence, because that's not really relevant, it's not something people want to identify with, you know, extreme violence is shocking because it's not something we do as civilized human beings...

So this cinematographer goes to Hollywood to sell his movie there, and they like the concept of the movie a lot, and want to bring it to the US market, but they want to change some stuff to adapt it to the US market first: 1. the sexual content has to go, see, because that's not normal, who ever sees naked people in their life... it's shocking to confront the audience with such abnormality... 2. the murder can't just be suggested, see, people don't understand that, you have to actually show the blood and gore, people need to see the violence, it's not about the "whodunit", people don't care about that, it's about the blood and guts, the splatter... 3. those actors, sorry, but only one can be used, the rest are just not normal looking, the women weigh more than 90 lbs, who would ever find that attractive in the real world, right?... nonono... real actresses look starved and on crack, they have to look like heroine hookers with boob and face jobs, because that's real life, see, not those actresses that look healthy and natural; that's not normal, people can't identify with that, that has to change... 4. the entire Flemish movie just looks cheap, that has to be changed, you see, normal people don't live average lives, normal people have decadent amounts of money, and live the high life, people don't identify with people with real jobs and problems... so that's why the movie "The Loft" was made, which can be seen in a theater near you as we speak...

Now from this back to twitch... yeah, the absolute most important thing on a streaming site that shows people playing all kinds of video games, including games that portray violent lass slaughter scenarios in zombie apocalypses and other normal things from everyday life, is that the audience doesn't get to see anything that doesn't belong in real life, and for which children should be protected, things like cleavage, male torsos, naked legs, etc...

And now further to this other story... Amazon sells books, so they also want to sell books in Europe... so they quickly take over a large chunk of the market because they control the rights on popular novels and thrillers, for which they now can take over the entire distribution of the translated versions for the European market, and because they buy out select publishing companies, so that they get a hold on the market fast. The problem is the absolute unrealistic trash those Euros are reading... like you can't believe that shit... there are actually books there with words like "wet" in the title... ban that shit, that's not normal... oh and when Amazon distributes a Euro literary work, and it mentions sexual acts, there is no need to talk to the author about this, just let Ashley from the mail department downstairs rewrite those passages, and we'll publish it like that, the author doesn't have to know that we've helped him bring his book to market by changing it, they're not interested in that, right...

i would love it if a girl whiped out her boobs while playing games. talk about the fusion of my favorite things. cant press that donation button fast enough

Wasn't there a creeper who donated 500 bucks to Pistol while she was streaming? Lol

lol that's nuts.

Yeah the guy even made a post on the forum about Pistol and I believe Big Al Called him out lmao

America where graphic violence is OK but dear god don't let any one see a breast.

This is sort of a good thing to an extent. At least we don't have to worry to much about KaceyTron, she needs to go away.

pics of flemish female actresses are not accurate lol.

Good. It's Twitch not cyber sex

so puritanical... 

i was gona say.. all of the ladies are pretty attractive.

Was just thinking about this today. If the girl is a good Twitch streamer but just happens to be in a tank top is one thing. But then you have the bimbos who don't even know how to play the games or even use the fucking computer with their huge tits bursting out of a shirt 2 sizes too small is another. Don't see how they are going to regulate this, the judgement needs to be made by a human and not automated software that looks for tits in this particular situation.

It's been pointed out above that a shitload of girls use their body to make up for lack of entertainment talent on Twitch.

I totally welcome girls to streaming as long as they are competent at it. I've yet to find a cool chick streamer besides Pistol but then again, I don't look for streamers. I only watch streams of people I already know really.