Twitch Installs Arch Linux. For real

Some of you most likely already know about this but for those who don't. Here.

Didn't know where this would have been appropriate so I put it into Linux - Other category.

Dammit they took my idea

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Twitch writes Assembly program. DO IT!

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It's not that hard. It only takes 2 and 1/2 hours

Not even that, 1 hours tops lol

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and they just lost 5k viewers, this is why you dont screw up your launch

feh + wget oh how much fun they can have

Try to install lynx, log onto twitch and control the OS from twitch. Does twitch chat work on lynx?

Oh they could do hive mind IRC trolling

You forget, I can't see lol

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Holy shit they managed to install grub!!!!

Now this is funny.

i cant believe they are making progress lol

Yeah. Now if anyone says that installing linux is hard I will tell them that if twitch chat can do so then you can for sure.

now we have the proof haha

They know the public ip of the server and tried to install nmap XD

something fishy is going on for sure xD this is gonna be funny

They didn't set the boot flag... I don't know what to expect

Aww, it's in permanent democracy mode. This is less fun than i expected.

i wonder if the voting system will take whole words instead of 1 letter at a time

looks like a (probably russian) botnet is at work here lol

So.... ya the stream is now offline