Twitch buttons?


I noticed the other day that both the BeerGamesBeer Twitch and Pistol's Twitch pages have an incredible lack of buttons in the desciption area.  I was wondering if for either channel you would like buttons (and possibly banners, offline screens, etc.) created.

I have created nearly all of the design for me, my girlfriend (basically my page but girlier), and two other streamers:

I may also design pages for other people in the forums as well. I've thought about making just a general pack of buttons and other design elements of different colors and sizes for new streamers to use, so everyone else tell me if you're interested in that.

I think that would look nice. Good idea.

I created the button pack for new streamers and such.

You can preview some of the styles at

You can download it from my Twitch page

And the direct link is (Hosted on Mega because all other file hosts yelled at me for having over 200MB)

Keep in mind these buttons are just generic starter buttons.