Ok i watched it with my gf and i found it quite good but of course i didnt let onto the fact to her that i did.

but was jsut wondering how all you guys found it and have you read the books?

Sir, it appears my gaydar just went off.


My girl says it's you're not your and you're bugging her.

my roommate watched it last semester, i caught glimpses of it in the background, looked like dawsons creek with vampires if you ask me. the only type of guys i can see enjoying this are either vampire nerds or metrosexuals.

seems like a chick movie from what i have heard but they all seem to be obsessed with it

the movie was SUPER cheezy. total chick flick.

the book was so boring i couldnt get past the first 150 pages.

first time i thought the movie adaptation of a book was better than the book

did you enjoy YOUR gay sparkling vampires
why would you even watch that ?

if they where shooting for the most fabulas vampires ever, they did a good job, other than that i made jokes about how gay it was, hell my girlfriend join in on the jokes, yeah we did just get done watching blade but still, movie was just gay

hahaha lol seriously i didnt think it was that homo, jsut thoguht it was a good change from the typical slasher films you see these days

Meh well I'm already roped into taking a girl to see the second one at the midnight first day showing.

I am proud of you all... 0 people voted that they liked it...

Aside from the one homo in the closet.

I'm pretty sure that is Logan.

20$ says it was the guy that started the thread.
Oh shit.
You owe me 20$.

Sorry but I voted as the homo in the closet. :\
Oh shit.
You owe me 20$.


What? I can't hear you over the sound of Twilight playing in the back...where's that 20$?

hahahaha lol seriously im not homo guys just thought it was a good movie and my gf loves the fact i liked it hahahaha Extra points baby

If it helps on the sex, sure why not.
But did you REALLY like it? XD

well i wouldnt shout out i liked it but it wasnt all bad i thought it had a good story and had great cinematography ae but it wasnt one that i would go out and buy the dvd hahahahha but still it scores points with the ladies