Tweaktown article on r9390x has me a little worried

in the leaked slides it kind of suggests that the r92 90 might not be fully dx12 compatible.

if true.... #sadface :(

I don't mean to be rude, but you clearly didn't read that article cause it states CLEARLY on those slides, that it has OpenGL 4.5 support, Mantle Support and DirectX12 Support...

Now with the prices of the 390x. that shit better Annhilate GTX Titan X to justify the alleged $700+ price point. cause AMD has always been known as the company that caters to people on a budget, and R9-290x didn't really beat the GTX Titan: Black Edition at all, except very few games.
Only time will tell, but when it comes to the high end, AMD better bring their A game. cause that is the only thing right now that they have to worry about. Annihilating the 970, 980 and GTX Titan X. everything below that AMD's older generation cards beat at the exact same price bracket.

I have two of them... hence sadface

I, like many other people was hoping for a FREE performance bump from hardware I already own.

apologise if I wasnt clear enough,

Obviously it doesn't have support cause it's an older card. BUT that doesn't mean DX12 won't work with an R9-290x/R9-290. DX12 is built over the Mantle API. so it's probably going to work regardless, HOWEVER DX12 may remove all potential CPU bottlenecks that may occur so, you might see a performance bump anyways.

With FP64 being 1/4 FP32 vs. NViidia 1/32 FP64 the AMD card is an easy buy even without cuda.

Don't worry the R9 290x will handle dx12. DX12 is software and not hardware driven so will handle it. Main reason is because r9 390x is the same GCN architecture as the r9 290x which means it'll work fine, plus most likely the 290x will be rebranded as the 380x as far as we know. Not to worry my friend. Also, dx12 won't really be fully utilized until another few more years when everyone will be able to produce. DX11 is still not being supported too much and only the really high end games utilize it. The point of the 390x is to handle 4k gaming. From what it seems, we may be getting a 1.5x improvement over the 290x which looks amazing, on paper it looks like it'll destroy the 780...idk about the Ti though.

Ditto. DX12 will even run on consoles, which means that pretty much anything that has a GCN core and is equal or better than an R9 270X should see the benefit of DX12. Although there are rumors of the lower-end mid-range GCN GPUs only being able to partially implement DX12, we won't know for sure until independent testing is performed.