Tv's to have native 120hz gaming in 2014-2015

clipped from CES content

One of the key things that Vizio is introducing with this year’s HDTV lineup, specifically in their P-Series and Reference Series displays, is what they call High Velocity mode. This mode allows their HDTVs to accept native 120hz input from a capable source via HDMI. This is a huge leap for PC gamers that have been stuck gaming on 120hz monitors over the years, as it was the only way to display true 120hz. With Vizio introducing this new feature, it finally allows gamers to really experience what 120hz has to offer, by displaying 120 frames per second natively. While 120hz HDTVs have been on the market for years, they weren’t able to accept a true 120hz signal, and instead used the 120hz panel for motion interpolation — commonly used for creating fake frames out of existing 24/30/60hz content.

About time

Excellent news :D often check out blurbusters info regarding any overclockable TV's holding off until more native ones become norm before I upgrade from my old 720p plasma

I keep forgetting my TV supports 240Hz downsampled to 120 true. If I can sort out game stream i should see if I can make use of that refresh rate. Have all my monitors overclocked to 75 as I cant stand 60. Gives me headaces.

this is good news. when does it come out? hope it's affordable for anon.

I was reading about people successfully overclocking 60hz LCD TV panels to 120hz+. Anyone try this yet?

Might be a cool video to do.