TV help Plz

Hey guys I know this isnt really a PC sort of question but you guys could help anyways. I bought a new TV the other day its a Sharp 60" 1080P 120Hrz LED (LC60LE452U). Nice big TV for a decent price. The problem I have is that sometimes when watching it when is panning a scene or up close of a face the picture will start to lag. Its not horrible but I can notice it for sure. Its kinda like playing pc games and your fps drops then goes back up. I haven't tried to see if the blu ray player does it but do you guys have any idea what this could be? Maybe it needs a better HDMI cable?


Thanks for the help guys!


Does this happen when watching TV shows, films, or when gaming? also, is this on broadcast TV or DVD/streaming?

It seems to only be when I'm streaming Appel tv. I hooked my pc up and played some games and it seemed fine. But it's odd my old tv never did it. I haven't tried the blue ray player yet. The lag doesn't seems to be from strwaning internet lag from as far as I can tell 

that's strange. i'm not familiar with apple TV. Maybe someone else will comment.

make sure you check the settings for that HDMI port to see that you don't have some kind of processing turned on (smooth motion or whatever). that might be the reason. I usually turn off all processing, but that is more a matter of personal preference.

AVForums has a guide on how to set up your Samsung TV. Might be worth checking out in case it is something setting related.

If it's doing frame interpolation, which increases the frame rate of the video by adding extra frames, then that could be the problem. If there's a lot of movement or complexity then it won't be able to add frames accurately so it might not do it rather than adding artefacts, this would appear like the frame rate dropping to half. Try turning it off and see if it still happens. Not sure what they call it on sharp TVs, have a look here: