TV damaged by Lightning

Hello all, a few weeks ago my LG 55' 55LK520 was damaged during a lightning storm. Now I only get a slow flashing red light when I try to turn it on. The light follows no pattern, just a constant flash. I opened it up and didn't find anything that appeared to be burnt, although a few capacitors on the the Power Board were a little crooked. The TV was plugged up to a surge protector, like the last TV that was taken out during a lightning storm. The funny thing is, both times only the TV was damaged. None of the other components hooked up to the TV were, not the Satellite Receiver, not the VCR player. I've read that all the TV may need replaced is the power board, but if that isn't the issue here, I'd be out of $50. What do you guys think, can it be fixed, or am I out of luck?

It's usually just the power supply..

Took it to a TV repairman. Told me that there were a few blown capacitors on the power board, as well as a bad main board, then proceeded to tell me that the cost to repair would be over $300. I did a quick search on ebay and found that both the power supply and main board could be replaced for around $100, and replacing the main doesn't look much more difficult than replacing a motherboard in a pc.