(Tutorial) How to Whitelist YouTube Channels in AdBlock

Hello, a couple of hours before writing this short tutorial I had trouble whitelisting YT channels such as Tek Syndicate on my AdBlock, well now that I got it working thanks to other people that I will mention later, I can make it easy for you to do the same.

Lets Begin with what we need for this to work.

We need 2 Things:

1 - AdBlock
2 - TamperMonkey / GreaseMonkey

Google Chrome and Opera (20+) users need to get TamperMonkey while FireFox users have the option to get GreaseMonkey.

!!! I will base this tutorial on TamperMonkey since I have not use GreaseMonkey before.

Step 1:

Install the script below using the Dashboard of TamperMonkey.


Step 2:

Create a New Script.


Step 3:

Paste the scrip in the text box below the menu bar, and save your script.


We are done with TamperMonkey, now lets edit AdBlock.

On the AdBlock Options Meny, go to "Customize" and click on the "Edit" button next to the "Manually Edit Your Filters:" section.

Then for each channel you want to whitelist, add the following line:


!!! You can find out someones original Channel Name by going to their Youtube Channel and looking at the link. 


You Can download the Script form HERE or copy it from below!


EDIT: HERE is a plain Text Version since pasting it here was a bad idea.

Special thanks and credit to:

betax64 for helping me find the script.

Vorondil for actually making the script!

Thank you for reading!


Good post! Glad to help out :)