[TUTORIAL] Common mistakes when a budget gaming PC

Hello everyone. We have all seen many budget gaming rigs on the internet, some of them are good, but others are horrible. A few days ago I saw a "budget" build (now removed) with a Pentium G3258 and a GTX 780. After seeing this I went to the Nvidia church and prayed for that poor man's soul. In order to avoid such blasphemy I have made an in depth tutorial on budget PC builds. I have went through all of the components, balance issues and acceptable compromises. Here is the link to the tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bjd5kDTRCks

I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this matter. Any constructive criticism would be helpful.

Dude, I have seen recommended i7 on H81 board for 25$... All within NZXT Source 210... But people thinkthey know everything. He doesn't need good motherboard was the argument, and I abandon that forum...

Basically I agree 99,7% with the video. Some models I don't like, but that's my fanboyism...

At least in my opinion, a G3258 with a 780 is a pretty decent build if it includes a Z97 motherboard and it will soon be upgraded to a 4690k//4790k. But if that were not the case it would be pretty decent.

I remember a couple of years ago I saw a build where someone tried to fit a GTX 580 into a $1000 budget. It ended up having an i3 and basically wasn't a very good all around build, but it was an interesting idea.

But it certainly is annoying how people will recommend bad builds.