Tutanota - free E2E encrypted email

In the process of De-Googling i came across Tutanota, and am very happy with it - thought I’d share.

Everything works well, havent had any problems, seems to be legit. Open Source, and community positive. On github

This is the contents of an email from them y’all might find worth reading.

Goes without saying, do your research, keep an open mind etc, but I am NOT affiliated with this in any way.

Dear privacy-fan,

We are excited to let you know that we will soon push our new secure email client out of beta. This will be the biggest update Tutanota has received so far. The new version of Tutanota comes with amazing speed and design, added features such as full-text search on encrypted data, two-factor authentication (U2F & TOTP), auto-sync, contact import and lots of usability improvements. You can already get a sneak peek by logging in at mail.tutanota.com. In about two weeks all logins will be redirected to this link.

Best Open Source Email Service

It is our mission to provide a completely private and secure email service, and to our understanding being open source is an integral part of this. Our new client as well as our brand-new Android and iOS apps are fully open source. You can even get our completely Google-free Android app via F-Droid, which makes Tutanota the best open source email service.

We value your right to privacy. Now is the time for you to do the same. Support our open source project and enjoy a lot of extra features for only €1 per month!

Call for Security Review

We have completed an internal security review of our new client. We have found no severe security issues. All details about this review are published here on GitHub. The security review was an important step in getting the new and much improved Tutanota email client ready for widespread adoption. Before we push the new client out of beta, we would like to invite the community to review our code on GitHub to harden its security even further.

By enabling everyone to verify our code, we make sure that Tutanota is doing what we promise: Give you the most secure email service possible. End-to-end encryption is the only way to protect our data from any form of abuse. This is why we at Tutanota strongly oppose any attempts for backdooring encryption. A backdoor is a vulnerability by default and would make any secure communication online impossible.

Stay secure,
your Tutanota Team

Did you know? You can now also get in touch with us on Mastodon and LinkedIn. Follow us to always stay up to date!

Tutanota on LinkedIn
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Thanks for sharing. Signed-up and will try to use it for a while.

I had trouble setting up 2-factor auth using the new client. It would not accept the one-time-token when adding my ubikey. Do you know what is the best way to report this issue?

Probably via Mastodon or Github

Is this newspeak for “we are nice people” or is there more to it?

All in all, this looks like a cool service. Hopefully we’ll see more services start going E2E encrypted.

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I meant it in the context of after they did their own in house security hardening, they released a full report on github and really wanted community feedback on it. Its fully open source and they have taken community feedback and ideas onboard, asked people to try and circumvent their security and encryption and then made changes to their software in light of that.

Ah, I’ve never really heard the term before, so I figured I’d ask.

Sounds like they’re doing good work.