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Turtle beach amp?


i currently have the turtle beach elite atlas headset, i was thinking of buying the elite pro tac. Is this recommended or are there better options out there ? i have never owned a tac or amp and would appreciate any help.



Generally Turtlebeach headphones aren’t recommended due to their quality for the price, there are few headsets on the cheap that I would recommend and even fewer phones.

also do you mean DAC and Amp?
an amp is all you really need starting off with better audio.

headsets I recommend are:

  • Coolermaster Mh752
  • Corsair HS60
  • Hyper X Cloud II

Dont go for wireless headphones as they generally have worse audio and mic quality.

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If you don’t want to think about it, just grab a focusrite or tascam usb interface. Can’t go wrong for the money on those.

Not that you’ll get much out of preamping a turtle beach headset anyway but it opens up better options in the future

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Z-Review on the Cloud Alphas:

All of the Audiointerfaces in the $80 to $120 price range are more or less the same.



yep, and they’re more than “good enough”

In general production equipment will give you more for your money.

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