Turning an m.2 slot into 16x slot (or x4)

Hello, fellow people who love doing things that probably shouldn’t be done.

Are there any mainstream solutions for turning an m.2 slot into a full-size 16x slot (or x4)? I would like to utilize the lanes that get sent to it. The end goal is to plug in a GPU for video encoding.

Before I go randomly buying a bunch of them to test, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations or recommendations to stay away from for reasons like fire hazards. I’m seeing some in the same vein as the 1x to 16x. No-name random company sold on eBay or other marketplaces. It would be nice if it was a Gen 4 riser with the limitation of only four lanes.

Any recommendations or links to resources would be greatly appreciated!

Im seeing a lot of these m.2 3.0 to PCIe x4 on Alibaba lately. These are passive, so I wouldnt worry too much about a possible fire hazard.

However, the PCIe Slot is designed for 75W Power Draw and the m.2 Slot obviously isnt. So I would suspect a 75W TDP GPU to pass out under load with this adapter.

But, if you would use a higher TDP GPU (150W not 225W) with a separate power source (6-Pin Power) that could work out, given that a 6-Pin should theoretically have enough power to support the whole GPU without drawing too much current from the PCIe Slot.

Another question to ask is, if a GPU could run on just its 6-Pin Power. If the PCIe Power Lanes and the external connectors are thrown into the same rails etc. that might be okay, but im no engineer.

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