Turning A Heatsink Passive with copper wire?

Do any of you guys think any cooler could be made passive by forming something of a web of copper wiring to disperse the heat more? It might be a fun experiment.

It really depends on how it is done. If you want to have no fans running at all, then you would need to run it somewhere open so that the heat could disperse. If you have good airflow in your case, then you could probably get away with just having a normal decent sized heatsink and just take the fan off. The bigger the better. Spread the heat out.

no fans was the plan, it could be mounted below a desk or something, just screwed on with risers.

Passive coolers have the issue that even will good airflow they do still collect heat within their construction over time. The copper wire would have to be pretty thick in order for it to conduct heat away.


But you're talking about a modification to an existing heatsink, it would probably work better with a copper core heat sink cut down to the copper core, then the copper wiring to be in direct contact with the core. for optimal heat transfer.

I think this concept would work better with a grid of copper tiles or a grid of tubing crossing over itself and pressed down on itself firmly would work better, with half inch - 1 inch spacings. I doubt wire has enough surface area to conduct the heat away, then just have a good vacuum airflow in the case with a rear/top mounted case fan and front panel, there will need to be airflow in the equation if it were to be maintained in the case, or else heat would progressively build up.


It's my understanding that you're just opening up an inbox discussion and not actually trying this correct? Because current solutions would likely be more efficient then this concept.

without fans you need a ridicolous amount of thermal mass to conduct the heat away. for example:


and that's good for only up to 95watts.

Your best bet would be to get some nice and quiet fans for your case and teh heatsink and use a voltage regulator or something to slow them down to an acceptable noise level.

that wouldn't be as fun.

I'll upload a picture later (I'm on my laptop now) But i did a test where I stopped the fan on my HD6450 and its max temperature went from 40C to over 80C if i remember correctly

This is a card with a 27W tdp and this as a cooler

Point is... If you're going to make it trulely passive without any airflow at all you're going to need A LOT of thermal mass.