Turbo all cores, is it safe?

I have a 4670(non k) with 1866mhz ddr3 set to xmp profile. I want to drag this cpu out until all the Ryzen shenanigans and motherboards start appearing with stable bios.

I cant over clock it without doing crazy base clock overclocking done that years ago.

my bios reports that my quad core turbos to 38,38,36,34 can i just set it to 38,38,38,38 and let it rock? or would this burn the beast XD out.

Waiting for ryzen 9s and 5s to come out before dropping my cash

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as long as it doesnt overheat it will be fine. not sure if your motherboard will let you thou.

should be possible.

might have to drop it down to 37 if your going to do it across all cores. There is a windows program that does this in the background but i dont remember the name. used to do a soft overclock on my laptop XD

i will give it a whirl, will have to wait 24 hours for my current encodes to finish, 23fps.........fml

whatcha encoding? is gpu encoding not a option?

Absolutely safe as long as you have a sufficient cooling.
Might try to use Throttle Stop for that.

im encoding a bluray tv show. To use quick sync i would have to compile handbrake from git hub

I have done this on my i7-2600, i5-3470, and i5-4570 systems. It works fine on all of them and makes a noticeable difference to heavy multi-threaded workloads. You should also set Windows to high performance in the power options to stop it trying to slow them down or park cores.

Note - none of mine are on the stock intel coolers so I can't comment on that aspect.

Some motherboards will allow you to, some dont.