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Tuning RAM for games?

While messing about with my 4400Mhz 2x8gb ddr4 kit, I found it interesting that when I went beyond a certain point either on speed or timings, my 3dmark score started to drop?

I was wondering which benchmark is best for tuning ram for games?

Eventually your ram is going to be unstable and perform worse. You can’t overclock into space.

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In general, the optimal performance for your RAM should be 2 x your infinity fabric speed (assuming you are using AMD) So it should be somewhere between 3600Mhz to 3800Mhz. Have you tried underclocking to those values?

The GHz of the RAM should not be the actual metric for you to use because it only measures the clock speed of the RAM and that is just one of the factors that determine performance.

Just use the framerate of the game you are actually playing. If it shows more FPS, then you are doing a good job with your tweaking.


Thats a good idea, is there any particular game benchmark which is sensitive to ram speed/timings?

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GNSteve’s methodology uses actual games to test RAM speed. I dont think there is a specific way to benchmark RAM performance specifically because it is directly tied to the CPU’s performance (again assuming AMD but this should be also true for Intel).

So I guess your usual benchmarking tool should also reflect the timings performance?


I’ll do some research, I seem to remember the built in Hitman 2 integrated benchmark is tough on RAM…

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I’d use skyrim’sgraphics mods to test it if it were me. Or rust.